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Mission, Values and Goals



       As CCSP we believe:

    • in the empowerment of parents as the first and most important educator of their children
    • that all parents want the best for their children
    • parents have the capacity to help their children & the right to support needed to do this
    • that all children are capable of learning and have the right to access the best possible education
    • in the value of partnership between home and school
    • in the importance of childhood and children’s experience
    • in the right of parents to lifelong learning opportunities, and
    • we see children as being partners in education



    • To assist in the development of strong diocesan parent bodies
    • To build/maintain the profile of the CCSP and its diocesan representatives and strengthen
       relationships with the Diocesan Bishops, Catholic Education Commission and others
       including other parent associations
    • To identify opportunities to support parent leaders through activities such as mentoring,
       professional learning and succession planning
    • To maintain strong relationships with the media and maintain the profile of the CCSP as
       the  peak parent voice for parents with children in Catholic schools
    • To maintain an appropriately resourced organisation
    • To promote inclusive leadership models


    • To promote Catholic school interests in public policy affecting the provision and delivery
       of education (with particular emphasis on parents/carers)
    • To foster understanding of and commitment to emerging issues which are important to
       the future of Catholic education
    • To support political advocacy at state and local levels especially around elections
    • To promote the role of families and family partnerships with government and others
    • To have a voice at the state and national level and promote CCSPwith government and
       other relevant agencies
    • To promote inclusive services for children and parents/carers


    • To provide a range of effective methods of communication, both internal and external, to
       support members and the mission of the CCSP
    • To develop strategies that align with and/or support those of CCSP members
    • To promote strong links between families, schools and Church through various activities
       including specific resources
    • To deliver professional learning opportunities and undertake projects to support parental
       engagement with learning and well-being

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