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Strategic Plan and Annual Reports

Strategic Plan

The CCSP develops a strategic plan every 3 to 4 years. The strategic plan outlines the overall work priorities of the CCSP for that period with the flexibility to refine the plan as new priorities emerge in that space.

Annual Reports

             2016 Annual Report           DOWNLOAD PDF here 


DOWNLOAD: Strategic Plan in Full (PDF)

             2015 Annual Report

              2014 Annual Report

             2013 Annual Report

           2012 Annual Report

           2011 Annual Report
Download Annual Reports (PDF Files) by clicking on image below:                             

 2013 PDF      2012 PDF      2011 PDF                                  

Strategic Plan 2014-17: Activities

    1. Catholic Faith

    2. Strategic Partnerships

    3. Meeting Diverse Families Needs

    4. Communication & Connectedness