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Advocating for Catholic Education in NSW              

As it is the role of the CCSP to provide leadership, advocacy and support for parents of students in Catholic schools, election times are of particular importance and activity.
The CCSP monitors education policy of both federal and state governments in the areas that will have an impact on Catholic school students such as;
school funding;
  • national education policy; 
  • Aboriginal student policy; 
  • parent engagement policy; among others.

So parents are aware of the election issues that impact Catholic schools students, the secretariat of the CCSP work closely with the Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) and the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) to develop materials and strategies around elections and political advocacy for school communities. 

As policy is made and changed at a moment’s notice during election times, it is vital for parents to stay informed, so the CCSP also keeps parents up to date through this website and social media (Facebook and Twitter).

 A Guide to Political Action 
7 page booklet PDF (1MB)

A guide to assist school communities
to build and sustain good working 
relationships with elected 

Download here

Educate yourself ..... 

Engaging with your local members of parliament is more about relationship building than being
overtly political

It is vitally important that local State and Federal Members of Parliament know and understand their local school communities and it is up to us to assist them build that knowledge and understanding.

The CCSP is again providing school communities with information to assist them in their understanding of the
issues affecting Catholic schools and information to assist them engage with their local politicians.

It is about situating our schools within the context of the community they serve and being active, informed citizens. 

The way in which your school chooses to engage with MPs is a local decision ... 
Some schools are accustomed to hosting their local member at P&F meetings, school events and also 
publish facts about school funding regularly. And for others this is all very new.  

Federal Election 2016

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Materials available for advocating for Catholic Education include:  

        Download: Insert 1Insert 2Insert 3 - Insert 4 - Insert 5 - Insert 6 - Insert 7 -  Insert 8 Insert  9 
                             - Insert 10 - Insert 11 - Insert 12 -  Insert 13 - Insert 14 - Insert 15 
Remember as the election times gets closer, the CCSP will also keep parents
 and school communities up to date through this website and social media. 

  For further information please contact the CCSP : Linda McNeil Email