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Module 1: Learning Better Together

Module 1:  Learning Better Together – Why Parents Matter?

                        Standards: 3 and 7                                                                             Session: 2 hours, ½ or full day
                        Focus Area: 3.7 and 7.3
                        Career Stage: Proficient        

Research shows
that in order to raise achievement, parents need to be both involved in schools and engaged in student learning (Harris and Goodall 2009).

Thimodule familiarises participants with the evidence base that shows the significant difference between parent involvement and parent engagement, and the importance of parent engagement in raising student achievement, improved student well-being and better school environments.

The module fills a gap in pre-service support for graduate teachers who say “I know parents are important but how can we work better together to support the learning of students?” and supports school executive staff who struggle with “How can we build a learning culture/ community in our school where all members including parent, family and community are recognised and valued?”

The session addresses the importance of parents, families and communities supporting their children’s learning and the teacher’s role in encouraging this. It provides the rationale with extensive research that shows that parent engagement is vital for the achievement of students.

All modules follow the format of:

  • Surveying participants’ beliefs and attitudes
  • Delivery of theory and content
  • Interaction with participants
  • Participants’ interaction with each other
  • Co-creation of concrete examples and strategies for implementation