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Collaboration Forum: May - Sydney

Collaborative Forum - Video Link, Resources and More ...

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on Thursday 12 May 2016, that brought together Parents, Principals,                * 
resources on Collaboration;
School Executives, Teachers, Systems Leaders & Education Office Staff           * 
Collaborative Conversations Training;
to discuss and share "Why Schools Need to be Collaborative Places".                   * Twitter #collaborate4learning

Selected Resources on Collaboration

HATTIE, John (June 2016): What Works Best in Education the Politics of Collaborative Expertise
AITSL: Professional Learning: Collaboration 
MITCHELL INSTITUTE: Shared Work of Learning
QUINN, Cathie: Personalised Learning for All - are parents the missing key? 

Training in Collaborative Conversations

With the paradigm shift in education from directive to ‘collaborative’, the 
types of conversations between parents and schools are becoming 
increasingly ‘high stakes’. This presentation gives you a model within 
which to frame those discussions to get better outcomes

Ideal for parents, school execs, principals, teachers and students.
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Twitter Conversation from the Forum