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2017 Roger O'Sullivan Memorial Award

The award is named in honour of Roger O’Sullivan who was

the first Executive Officer of the CCSP.

Roger made an extraordinary contribution to Catholic education 

in NSW and nationally throughout his career. He was particularly
passionate about parent voice and advocacy and was instrumental
in building the solid
foundations of the CCSP. (READ MORE)

  The annual Roger O’Sullivan Family, School and Community Partnership Memorial  Award is for a school 
community that can show exemplary practice in family - school partnerships that has led to improved outcomes in the faith development, learning & well-being for all students.


     Parent engagement, in the schooling context can be defined as:

              ... an intentional and collaborative strategy to support and leverage the knowledge and capacities of families,
                   to improve the faith development, learning and well-being outcomes for 
all students, by making connections
                   between the different spaces they learn in.

   The Roger O'Sullivan Memorial  Award recipient will receive:

  • $4000 to support the further development of an existing initiative which aims to build parent and community engagement through collaborative partnerships;
  • a framed award;
  • a write-up in the CCSP’s quarterly newsletter, Parent Talk, which is distributed widely to school boards, 
    parent groups, principals, state and federal politicians, journalists, Catholic Church officials, the Catholic 
    Education Offices and other state and national Parent Associations, and;
  • be showcased on the Partners4Learning website.
 The following entities are eligible to apply:  

  • P&F Associations of Catholic schools
    (or similar body for example a school board or council)
  • Catholic Schools
  • Cluster of Catholic Schools
Applications: Open  25 AUGUST 2017  
                        Close 20 OCTOBER 2017
Click on image below to read application or download forms:  
Dimensions of Effective Family, School & Community Partnerships

The criteria for the award is based on the seven dimensions of the National Family School and Community Partnerships Framework. We are seeking schools that can demonstrate that through effective practice in one or more of the following dimensions, family-school partnerships have improved student outcomes.

Click on the icons below for an overview of each dimension. 

  More information on the dimensions can be found on the CCSP’s Partners4Learning website.

Application Process and Endorsement      

1. Applications open on 25 AUGUST 2017 
2. Applications close on 20 OCTOBER 2017
3. Applications must be submitted electronically or in hard copy using the Roger O’Sullivan Award nomination form 
4. All applications must be endorsed as follows:

  •  P & F Associations (or equivalent body) – endorsement by the School Principal
  •  Schools – endorsement by the P & F President and the School Principal
  •  Cluster of Schools - endorsed by the P&F Presidents and School Principals of all schools
5. Applications should be sent to the CCSP for judging by a panel agreed to by the CCSP. 
6. Completed applications must be post marked 25 September, 2016 at the latest and mailed to:

             Att:    Executive Director                                                  OR              Email:
                             Council of Catholic School Parents NSW
                             PO Box 20756, 
                             World Square 2002

Judging and Presentation

  *  Judging and notification will take place in November 2016
  *  All applicants will be considered by the judging panel on the basis of how their initiative:

  •   is a genuinely collaborative partnership between families, broader community and the school, and;
  •   addresses one or more of the seven key dimensions of effective partnership, and;
  •   is directed at improving the faith development, learning and/ or well-being outcomes for students.

  *  The CCSP will acknowledge receipt of all applications
  *  The judging panel will select one of the applicants to receive the award
  *  The successful applicant will be contacted by a member of the judging panel to confirm they are willing to
the award
  *  All applicants will receive a letter from the Chair of the CCSP to notify them of the outcome of the judging.
  *  The successful applicant will be invited to send representatives to attend a meeting of CCSP to be presented 
      with their award and also to the CCSP’s State Conference to make a presentation
  *   Recipients of the Roger O’Sullivan Award will receive a memento and a grant of $4000 to support and further
 project/initiative for which they are being recognised.