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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Parent Committee


Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education in Catholic Schools


These pages contains information and resources for parents, carers & schools on Aboriginal 
education in our Catholic schools across NSW. The CCSP respectfully acknowledges all Aboriginal & Torres Strain Islander peoples and uses the acronym 'ATSI' on these pages only 
when space is limited.  Click on topics below for more information 


Featured Resource:

BOSTES: School & Aboringinal Community Partnerhips Resources

The Board has published materials that provide practical advice about authentic involvement of Aboriginal community members in school curriculum development. These publications provide a framework for the development of curriculum-based projects through schools working in partnership with local Aboriginal communities.

Working with Aboriginal Communities: A Guide to Community Consultation and Protocols

Consultation with Aboriginal communities is essential in the development of meaningful Aboriginal perspectives and studies across the curriculum.

An active relationship between schools and their local Aboriginal community will enhance the learning experience of students, and promote reconciliation through better understanding. LEARN MORE

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