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Resources for School Communities

Building Collaborative Partnerships

The CCSP aims to promote strong links between families, schools and parishes through providing resources that strengthen the participation, involvement and engagement of all parents in our Catholic schools.

Resources on other CCSP Websites        

Partners4Learning (P4L) is a portal, developed by the CCSP through which teachers, school administrators and parents can gain access to research, case studies, advice, a bank of practical resources and professional development to support enhanced parent, family and community partnerships within and between school communities.
The P4L resource has been designed to complement the Australian Government's National Family School Partnership Framework. Access here
The Better Together: Catholic School Advisory Bodies website has been developed to assist Catholic school communities with their existing school advisory bodies and help those wishing to establish such a collaborative body. The framework brings together the key dimensions: People, Principles and Practices with practical tools for building collaborative communities, to support the faith development, learning and well-being of all students. Access here