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NEW Partners in Learning Blog 28-Sep-2016

Home School Partnerships

This presentation explores the relationship between home and school and looks at the characteristics of families today.  It also touches on what to do in the face of conflict.

Ideal for parent associations, school execs and principals.


Parent Leadership

This presentation looks into the qualities that make a good parent leader and helps participants recognise and nurture those qualities in themselves.                     

Ideal for Presidents, Chairs and all committee members.


Good Governance

This presentation delves into the new regulatory environment in which schools operate today.  It explains the different structures of Catholic diocesan and independent schools and the roles and responsibilities of Board/Council/P&F members.

It is a must for Presidents, Chairs, committee members and principals.


If you are interested in any of these face-to-face presentations, please contact us on 02 9287 1514 or email We would be happy to visit your school in the day or evening for the presentation. There is no charge for presentations to the school or parents.