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Catholic School Funding - Key Election Messages

Capital Funding

1. Current capital funding arrangements are unfair to Catholic school families. 

    •        Government schools receive $804 per student in capital funding from governments
    •        Catholic schools receive $342 per student in capital funding from governments
2. Government funding per Catholic school student is falling while enrolments are rising.

3. NSW Catholic school parents provide more than two-thirds of the funding needed to build or upgrade NSW Catholic schools.

4. NSW Catholic school enrolments grow by an average of 3,800 students per year, requiring an extra 152 classrooms each year.

5. Parents cannot continue to fund the bulk of this growth without from more government support

6. Governments must raise their share of capital funding support to Catholic schools or government schools will be forced to take in more students than planned, at a higher cost to taxpayers

7. Capital funding from governments is prioritised to the neediest non-government schools. High fee schools rarely ever qualify for any capital funding from government. Their capital projects are funded through loans repaid by parents over 10 or 20 years

8.Catholic schools must fund at least 50% of a project’s cost themselves. Government grants are capped at $3.5 million for a single project