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CCSP Review 2015

“…in any gathering, to the degree that you can get all those pieces of wisdom out and allow
them to interact with one another, to that degree you come closer and closer to the wisdom
 the Spirit has to give to this group at this time”. 
(Mary Benet McKinney, 1991)

"Courageous conversations convened in love …. In order to make anything better we have to be
 willing to unearth the issues that surround it – we have to discover what we need to enable  
everyone to endure what cannot be changed, to create what must be provided." (O’Leary, 2011)

Welcome to the Review of the NSW/ACT CCSP Page

The Council of Catholic School Parents was launched in June 1995, it was incorporated in 1997 and had its first review
'Early Days - 1995-1999' in 1999. Mid-way through 2014, it was decided by the members of the Council that it was timely to commission another Review of the Council and its operations. Various names were put forward for a Reviewer and we are fortunate that Ms Philomena Billington, recently retired Director of Catholic Education, Sandhurst Diocese in Victoria has agreed to conduct the process.

Ms Philomena Billington

Ms Philomena Billington has over 40 years experience at all levels of Caholic Education and is passionate about education - particularly parent engagement. READ MORE

Hear Phil speak at the 2014 Family-School & Community Partnerships Bureau National Symposium "Policy, Practice and Evaluation - Improving Learning & Well-being" with parents from her diocese. (start 25.3 min - 35.50 min)


   Thank you to all those who contributed to the Online Survey, Focus Group Questions and Interviews your
    involvement is greatly appreciated.


 Phil quotes frequently from the book The Essential Conversation by Sara Lawerence-Lightfoot.

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