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What does the HSC Reforms mean?                                     What are people saying

Following consultation with stakeholders, including the CCSP, Education 
Minister Adrian Piccoli has announced the first major changes to the NSW 
HSC in 17 years.

This includes establishment of a minimum standard in literacy and numeracy 
for the award of the HSC. The minimum standard reform underpins the two 
other areas of reform – Curriculum and Assessment – through revised course 
structure and content, as well as streamlined assessment.   

The reforms will be implemented in two phases with initial changes to come into
effect over the next four years along with new Year 11 and 12 syllabuses 
in English, maths, science and history. 

The minimum literacy and numeracy standard will be established from 2020.
 in Year 9 from 2017 will be able to meet the standard by achieving
Band 8 in NAPLAN in reading, writing and numeracy.

It will also include:

  • introducing rigorous guidelines for effective school-based assessment that 
    focuses on the application of knowledge and skills, and reduces student 
    stress by capping the number of tasks
  • redesigning HSC exam questions to assess depth of knowledge and
    application of skills
  • applying a common scale for maths, to encourage students to study the
    maths course best suited to their level of ability.
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