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Better Together: Catholic School Advisory Bodies

Better Together: Catholic School Advisory Bodies

Better Together: Catholic School Advisory Bodies website has been developed to assist Catholic school communities with their existing school advisory bodies and help those wishing to establish such a collaborative body.


Collaborative school communities are stronger communities because they 
build on local resources and foster social capital … We are Better Together!

The resource has practical tools for building collaborative communities, to support the faith development, learning         and well-being of all students and is:

   * informed by extensive research and practice;
   * designed to be adapted to local community contexts;
   * reflective of the importance of strong partnerships.

What do we mean by School Advisory Bodies?

School advisory bodies encompass school boards, school councils, parent associations and other similar groups. They are an important expression of the educational partnership that exists between parents, schools, parishes and the wider community to support all students.

School advisory bodies provide a structure and a process for shared leadership and collaborative decision-making.

School advisory bodies (including boards and councils in systemic Catholic schools) are purely advisory in nature. They exist to provide support and advice to the Principal. They do not have a legal identity and do not become involved in the day-to-day management of the school.

The Framework - Catholic, Engaging, Learning, Knowing, Responding

Essentially the Better Together framework brings together the key dimensions:
People, Principles and Practices ...       it describes who needs to be involved, what capabilities, attributes, understandings and resources are needed.

It outlines the key practices of effective school advisory bodies: Engaging, Learning, Knowing and Responding -         with the keystone supporting each practice being our Catholic identity and mission. Each core practice is                   supported by a statement, attributes and indicators of effective practice - with links to relevant tools.  


The Better Together resource has been developed to complement the various structures that exist in each diocese or school and should be used in conjunction with local diocesan/school policies, constitutions, strategic plans and school improvement plans. 

Resources Section

Overview of the Better Together Framework

The Better Together website was developed with funding under the National Partnership for Empowering                 Local Schools initiative. Two dioceses, Broken Bay and Armidale, elected to be key partners of the project                  with the CCSP. The CCSP has agreed to ‘house’ the website / resource and maintain it.


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