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FREE Online Introduction to Family Engagement in Education



FREE Online Introduction to Family Engagement in Education


Family engagement describes what families do at home and in the community to support their children’s learning and development. It also encompasses the shared partnership and responsibility between home and school. Such engagement is essential for school improvement. It is also increasingly recognized as an integral element for proficient practice as an educator.
What you'll learn:

  • The relationship between family engagement and improved school/student outcomes from birth onwards
  • The additional benefits family engagement brings to parents, educators, and communities
  • What the research shows about the importance of engaging families        Go To Harvard Website

Karen L. Mapp, Ed.D, is a Senior Lecturer on Education at the Harvard Graduate School
of Education (HGSE) and the Faculty Director of the Education Policy and Management
Master’s Program. Over the past twenty years, Karen’s research and practice focus has
been on the cultivation of partnerships among families, community members & educators
that support student achievement and school improvement. Read more about Karen

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