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From the Conference: Internet Education

How to protect your child when their 'village' is the whole world

Keynote Presenter: Brett Lee


  • The internet is wonderful and opens up a whole new world but it also connects our children to everyone else's 'village';
  • Filtering software are useful tools but there is no substitute for education, ongoing communication with your child, rules and boundaries and supervision;
  • Know where your child is and who they are with in their online world, just as you would supervise and protect them in the physical world;
  • It is not about the technology - it is about educating our children about respect and responsibility, and setting clear limits;
  • Same message - different medium: apply the same values and beliefs, rules and boundaries that you have as parents in all other aspects of parenting, to the internet;
  • Even with 'privacy settings', nothing is really private online, once on the internet, it is out in the public domain and permanent - even if deleted;
  • Teach your child to be the same person online that they are in the physical world
  • Do NOT tolerate children dealing in pornography in any form eg, sexting. Everybody is NOT doing this and there are strong laws and penalties;
  • Online predators go where kids are - on popular game sites and social media ... many of which have age restrictions.
      Embracing An Online World
      The Family Guide to Internet Safety
      Author & Presenter: Brett Lee
ith 22 years in law enforcement, Brett spent 5 years undercover
      on the internet investigating online child 
exploitation crimes.
      He spent years pretending to be a child online - this allows him
understand how children use technology, where they go, how
 process information and how programs work.
      It also allowed him to witness, firsthand, offender methodologies
      – the tricks, the tactics and the methods that certain adults within
community use the internet for to try to locate and commit
against children.
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