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From the Conference: Raising Sons and Daughters

Raising Sons and Daughters

The Critical Challenge – A Father’s Perspective

Workshop Presenters: Robert Falzon - Men Alive

Key Points

  • Men learn to parent from how they were parented. What is not resolved is repeated.
  • Our busy lives mean we participate in “special events” that take away from being in their everyday life
  • You need to enter your child’s small life and do what makes them happy – it may be just ‘hanging out”  
  • Daughters need to discover their beauty from the primary male in their life with no sexuality attached
    eg taking her on first date to show her the way she should be treated
  • Girls want to know that you will fight for them when needed
  • Sons need you to be a role model - they learn how to treat women by how you treat their mother / sisters
  • Boys need to hear your words of approval and be calmly disciplined when needed.