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From the Conference:The best YOU!

How to be the Best YOU as a Parent!

Keynote Presenter: Bruce Sullivan

Key Messages:

  • ·         Principle # 1 – Humour helps.

    What is your default response in that moment when your children or life presents something that you are not expecting? Do you laugh or do you put on your “cranky pants”? If it isn’t fun, make it fun!

    ·         Principle # 2 – Get Grateful!  

    Are you grateful or cynical?  Cynicism = unhealthy.  Gratefulness will open doors, hearts, minds and opportunity as opposed to  … cynicism which closes doors on relationships and possibility. 

    ·         Principle #3 – Good intention is NOT enough

    It’s a great start or an ongoing excuse for what could have been. No one is judging our good intentions … They judge our behaviours and its impact on them!  The windscreen has to be bigger than the rear-view mirror.  What gets in the way?   - The Hurry Virus! 

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Your Best You: With the attitude, energy and resilience of a four year old almost everyday!