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From the Conference: Well-Being

 Delve below the surface of your child’s behaviour

Workshop Presenters: Karen Evans & Melissa McGrath - Lismore CEO

Behaviour meets a need. When our children are displaying a particular behavior
or 'acting out', there is usually a reason but we may not be seeing the full story.
As the saying goes, we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg, not what is
really hap
pening below ...

We all feel anxious at times ... before exams, meeting new people, waiting to hear news - it is natural. However there is a difference between sometimes feeling anxious  - and anxiety that is disproportional to the situation or interferes with ability to function or interact in daily life.

Does any of this sound like your child or teen?                    

  • clinging, crying, and/or tantrums when you separate              
  • excessive shyness, avoiding social situations                         
  • constant worry                                                                 
  • avoiding situations or places because of fears
  • complaints of frequent stomachaches or headaches
  • experiencing sudden and frequent panic attacks
                                                  Source: AnxietyBC™
Common Sources of Anxiety:

          Friendships                     Bullying Issues                   Exams Stress                  'Thinking Traps'


For parents:                                                                                                           Fact Sheets from AnxietyBC™                                                                                                                                                                        
AnxietyBC™ is an excellent resource to access current, evidence-based           Talking to Your Child about Anxiety
downloadable resources on anxiety to support the understanding and             Teach Your Child Calm Breathing
management of anxiety for 
children, youth and young adults and adults.        Realistic Thinking for Teens
                                                                                                                     Excessive Reassurance Seeking
     Overcoming Perfectionism
     Coping with Nightmares
     Back-to-School Anxiety
     Sleeping Alone Issues

For young people:
AnxietyBC™ has an interactive section for young people to assist them
understand anxiety, how it maybe effecting them and practical resources
and strategies.