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From the Conference: What matters most

What really matters as a parent!

Keynote Presenter: Michael Grose


Start with the end in mind

The processes we put in place then change. Consider what the end goal is and the strategies start to take care of themselves. 
Reflect - What do we want for our child(ren)?

Make yourself redundant
Our end goal as parents should be to make ourselves redundant ... as parents that is!

Reflect - How are we helping our child(ren) to become independent adults?

Work out family rituals 
They are the things that will bind your family together. Some of these are things that will bring your family physically together, such as sharing family meals. Some of the "quirky", more unique ones, are those that will bind and define.
Reflect - What are our family rituals? 

Who is in charge?
Families work well when someone is charge - it is a good idea when it's the parents who are in charge! 
Reflect - Who 'rules the roost' in our house?

Different ages & stages
There is a need to alter our parenting for different ages and stages. 
Reflect - What does my child need from me now? 

Location carries memory 
Don’t contaminate family spaces with conflict - nurture your communication spaces and have a separate place for discipline talks 
Reflect - Where is your talking place?

Top 5 things to promote: Skills to help children learn to manage and self regulate.

1)  Independence - encouraging you child to do things on their own
2)  Autonomy - give them some say in what they do / how they do things. Gradually build it up, give them a choice
     between a couple of things.

3)  Responsibility - don't pay your children to help around the house, this teaches them an attitude of "what's in it for me"
     as opposed to "what's in it for we". Develop in them an expectation to contribute and help.

4)  Create an unpredictable environment - especially for girls, there is a correlation between those who spend a lot of time
     outdoors and having more confidence when they are older. Don't create all their environments.

5)  Resolving problems - leave some stuff for them to solve, don't always jump in and try to solve everything for them.

Article: 10 phrases you hear in resilient families: are you using them? (External Link Kidspot)

What's your parenting style?

Researchers have discovered four types of parenting styles. These different styles are dependent on what the parent feels the child needs from them. 
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