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Australian Children’s Wellbeing: Rank & Areas for Improvement

Sunday, July 31, 2016

An international survey of child wellbeing that puts Australia fourth among the world’s 19 largest economies has also highlighted the challenge of lifting educational standards for Indigenous students.

The Save the Children Prosperity Index, released last week, showed Australia ranked behind Germany, France and Japan on the overall ranking, which takes into account eight factors, including education, health, income, safety and environment.

The report found Australian children have access to high-quality education, also ranking fourth in that measure – behind Canada, Germany and South Korea.

But Save the Children Australia said Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students aren’t performing at levels that would support that ranking. While the statistics are not new, the report points out that 40 per cent of Indigenous students don’t complete secondary school. The number is slightly more than 10 per cent for non-Indigenous students.

The education of children in the Northern Territory, where slightly more than half of students complete secondary school, was compared with the education outcomes observed in Turkey.

Save the Children urged G20 finance ministers, who were meeting immediately after the report’s release, to consider a range of measures to support young people internationally, including equality for all children.

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