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Four New Languages in National Curriculum

Monday, July 21, 2014

Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released the Australian Curriculum for four languages: Chinese, French, Indonesian and Italian.  ACARA’s CEO Rob Randall said that the opportunity for Australian children to learn a language in addition to English from a young age will give them an edge in the future when they participate in our linguistically and culturally diverse world.  ’Learning a language will allow students to develop linguistic and cultural resources that will help them embrace opportunities in the future,’ said Mr Randall. 

’It will enhance young people’s skills to engage socially, culturally and economically in areas of business, trade, science, law, education, international relations and many other domains when they are adults.’ Chinese, French, Indonesian and Italian are the first in a suite of languages to be released and are now available on the Australian Curriculum website. The website has been recently redesigned after extensive feedback from key stakeholders, with improved navigation and functionality, including a curriculum browser that allows users to select and filter curriculum elements such as subjects, strands and year levels. 

The remaining languages, including the Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres  Strait Islander Languages, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese, are currently under development. Funding for the additional languages –  Turkish, Hindi, AUSLAN, and Classical Greek and Latin – has been provided by the 
Australian Government. 

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