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John Hattie: What needed for Excellence in Australian Schools

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Professor John Hattie has urged educators and policy-makers to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and instead to learn from local success stories, not try to replicate international strategies.

Writing on The Conversation, the professor from Melbourne University’s Graduate School of Education said Australia’s relative slide down international rankings in maths, science and literacy is not only raising eyebrows in this country.

“We can be guaranteed that the world is watching our decline, and that the pride we have in being an ‘educated’, ‘innovative’ or ‘clever’ country is based on wishes and hopes – not on evidence,” Professor Hattie wrote.

“There are many excellent parts of the Australian school system, but standing still and resting on these laurels may come to haunt us.”

Professor Hattie said some things are working and some things are not working in Australia’s education system. There should be a “reboot” to enhance the positives and change what needs changing.


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