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NCEC Celebrates Educators on World Teachers’ Day

Friday, October 28, 2016

National Catholic Education Commission executive director Ross Fox has encouraged students to use World Teachers’ Day this Friday to offer a special vote of thanks to the teachers who are shaping their learning – and their lives.

Australia celebrates World Teachers’ Day on the final Friday of October each year. The international celebration of the day falls in early October, meaning it clashes with school holidays in many Australian states and territories, which led to the date change in this country.

Mr Fox said teachers in Catholic schools, and in all schools, do tremendous work to support the education of students.

“There is broad acceptance of the fact that outside of the family home, classroom teachers are likely to have the biggest impact on the development of young Australians,” he explained.

“Across the country, there has never been a greater focus on the important task of supporting teachers for their very important role in helping to prepare students for their educational challenges and their life challenges.”

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