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Outstanding HSC Aboriginal Studies Major Projects

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

St. Scholastica’s Outstanding HSC Major Works

Each year five outstanding works from the HSC Aboriginal Studies Major Projects are selected for permanent display as part of the NSW State Library Digital Collection. Only five from across the state of NSW.

Last week St. Scholastica’s, Glebe were informed by BOSTES that ALL FIVE students whose works were selected! That is a massive accomplishment.

What a remarkable achievement for ONE school and as such, should be recognised and congratulated accordingly.

St. Scholastica’s, Glebe currently has over 60 Aboriginal students.

Valuing and embedding culture in the everyday lives of their students along with rich learning experiences, is a reflection of the high results achieved from 5 of their Year 12 students.  

Congratulations to all five students and their teacher, Jen Petschler. 

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