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Teachers to continue to use NSW Languages Syllabuses

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The recently released Australian curriculum for Chinese, French, Indonesian and Italian have not been endorsed for use in NSW schools.

Teachers are to continue to use existing NSW languages syllabuses.

BOSTES is responsible for developing, in close consultation with teachers and other stakeholders, the mandatory curriculum, K–12, to be taught in NSW schools. Teachers and administrators from all school sectors need to refer to communication and advice from BOSTES when planning their teaching programs based on BOSTES syllabuses.

The syllabuses currently being developed by BOSTES include K-10 Geography and HSC English, Mathematics, Science and History.

Schools and teachers can be assured that BOSTES will only implement new syllabuses after extensive consultation, including consultation on any implementation timetable.

For more information, contact:
Howard Jacobs
Inspector, Languages
(02) 9367 8152

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