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CEC: Major Sydney Infrastructure Plan - Enrolment challenges

Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Catholic Education Commission NSW has questioned the lack of a clear plan for new school places in the corridor between Sydney and Parramatta as the state government announces plans for more homes and jobs in the area.

The Baird Government has outlined plans to revitalise Parramatta Rd, but CECNSW says the need for new and expanded schools is largely ignored.

“There is little point designing neighbourhoods for 27,000 new homes if there are no plans to expand the capacity of schools to educate the children who will be living in those homes,” CECNSW acting executive director Ian Baker said.

“If 56,000 additional people are to move in between Granville and Camperdown, this corridor will need places for at least 20,000 new students across all school sectors.

“Based on current class sizes, that’s 800 additional classrooms required in a region where schools are already at or over capacity – and land to expand or build new schools is scarce and costly.”

Mr Baker said the proliferation of new apartments in many parts of Sydney has increased the number of residents in inner and middle-ring suburbs – and therefore the need for additional school places.

“At first glance, it looks as though the education needs of the children who are to live in those new dwellings have been overlooked once again,” he explained.


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