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How will you Celebrate World Teachers' Day?

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade
 you do not expect to sit.” Nelson Henderson

Did you know on the last Friday in October we celebrate
World Teachers' Day?

The aim of World Teacher’s Day is to emphasise the significant role of teachers’ world wide, as well as to reinforce for the teachers themselves, the crucial importance of the role they play in our society as they guide, nurture and teach our children …. our present, our future.

How will you thank your child's teacher for everything they do for all our children?

It really is the thought that counts ...       

Every year teachers tell us how much they appreciate small gestures from parents - and the kids too.

Words cost nothing ...

Take the time to write them a note and encourage your 
to write a note 
of appreciation too.  

Pick flowers from your home garden (or ask a neighbour)

As a school community you can ... (check with your principal first)

·         #  Have a short Prayer / Liturgy at Morning Assembly   Prayer Example

·         #  Parents and children can speak briefly about each teacher

·         #  Present small home made items:
    o   personalized bookmark
          o   personalized badges for the teachers. (Cut out a smiley face, star or photo with teachers name & small pin)
          o   Certificate of Appreciation 

      #  Organize a Morning Tea for staff

Other cheap and cheerful ideas Parent Teams can do ...

·         # Give a single wrapped gerbera / flower for each teacher (approx cost $2.50)  

     # Arrange for a mobile coffee van to visit as the teachers are arriving at school – a lovely surprise start to
   the day (approx cost $3 each)

     # Buy lots of $2 gift boxes at Hot Dollar and leave a special message in each

     # Make big basket to staff room table -  filled with Minties (for those moments!!), fantales, snakes & lollies.