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CSPA: Let’s deal with the important matters - NAPLAN 2014 National Report

CSPA: Let’s deal with the important matters - NAPLAN 2014 National Report

CSPA welcomes the release of the NAPLAN 2014 National Report.

“The NAPLAN 2014 National Report released by ACARA on 10 December should not be used to rate schools or to judge students. Its value is in adding to the information we need to help improve student achievement” said Tony O’Byrne, Chair of Catholic School Parents Australia. 

Mr O’Byrne explained that NAPLAN test results are one of several sources of information about student achievement. He said “but what is more important is the teaching that happens in the classroom. It is important
to remember that no one passes or fails a NAPLAN test. The test results 
provide information to all schools about the progress of their students, and support the ability of schools to focus teaching on areas of need.” 

“NAPLAN started in 2008 when the 2014 year 9 students were in year 3. So this year is the first time a class level
has completed the whole NAPLAN cycle from years 3 to 9. This is important 
because NAPLAN is much more useful for looking at trends over time rather than year to year comparisons” said Mr O’Byrne.

While this National report is useful, it contains such a wide range of data it is possible for commentators to focus
on distractions and divisive topics. We need to focus on the big issues that
really matter. Two of these big issues
are the different results reported for indigenous students and for students outside metropolitan areas. CSPA believes that these are matters that all governments, education authorities, schools and parents need to work
on together if we are to 
achieve real improvement for all Australian children regardless of the location or background of the school or family.

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