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CSPA Statement on 2014 Budget

CSPA Statement on 2014 Budget

Media Statement - Catholic School Parents Australia 14 May 2014

Catholic School Parents Australia concerned by CPI indexation for schools funding.

The Chair of Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) Mr Tony O’Byrne says “Families in Catholic Schools are very concerned that the Federal Government will use the Consumer Price Index (CPI) as the basis for the indexation of school funding from 2017.”


“CPI has averaged less than 3% over the past 10 years but the real increase in the cost of schools is much higher at about 5.5%. This means that funding may fall behind the costs of schools and families will have to make up the difference. This will make it more expensive for families to send their children to Catholic schools.” Mr O’Byrne added that this will put a Catholic education out of the reach of some families particularly when the changes to Family Tax Benefit are taken into account.


“CSPA supports needs based funding so that all school students in Australia, regardless of the sector, receive the funding they need” he said. Mr O’Byrne said that building a prosperous Australia depends on how well we educate the young Australians who are the future of our nation. Education is the best investment we can make in the future of our society and our economy.


“We welcome the funding certainty to 2017 provided in the budget and for the $6.8 million allocated to support boarding schools with large numbers of indigenous students from remote areas. We also thank the government for the capital funding for non-government schools provided in the budget.”


“CSPA is committed to doing all it can to ensure that families who choose to send their children to a Catholic school are able to do so and that the real barrier of increasing costs does not drive

families away from their school of choice” Mr O’Byrne said.


Ends ….. 14 May 2014


Catholic School Parents Australia represents the families of almost 750,000 students in the 1706 Catholic Schools in all states and territories in Australia.

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