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Great news for Catholic schools and great news for education

Great news for Catholic schools and great news for education

The peak body representing Catholic parents in NSW has welcomed the Baird Government’s plan to provide additional funding for classrooms and facilities in non-government schools.

Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli today announced an additional $50 million capital works funding over the next four years for non-government schools. The additional funding will be allocated in the upcoming NSW Budget under the Building Grants Assistance Scheme.

The Council of Catholic School Parents (CCSP) NSW/ACT said the decision reverses a capital 
works funding cut from non-government schools three years ago.

CCSP Acting Executive Director, Linda McNeil, says the new capital works funding will ease the financial burden on Catholic school parents, particularly those in the low to medium income bracket.

“Catholic school parents in NSW contribute to capital works through school building levies and other capital funding. For decades, parents have funded two-thirds of the building works in Catholic schools and this places a burden on many families.

“With one in five children in NSW currently enrolled in a Catholic school and demand for places increasing, there is significant need for new classrooms and schools.

“There are more than 254,000 children now being educated in Catholic schools and the days of the lamington drive are well behind us.”

Ms McNeil said she was particularly pleased that the NSW Government today voiced its support for the right of all parents to choose the type of education that suits their child.

“The CCSP worked hard in the lead-up to the state election to engage with local MPs to convey the importance of our Catholic schools - schools which have been part of the Australian education system since 1806.

“This is about ensuring we have an education system that is fair and equitable and affordable for all children in our state, regardless of whether they attend a Catholic, independent or government school. This is great news for our Catholic schools and great news for education in our state.”                                                                    

19th June 2015
Authorised by Linda McNeil, Acting Executive Director, Council of Catholic School Parents NSW. 
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