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NAPLAN Results Can Help Shape Education Policy Debate

NAPLAN Results Can Help Shape Education Policy Debate

The National Catholic Education Commission says the release of the 2016 NAPLAN national report provides a third report on the performance of Australian students in three weeks, offering a chance for reflection on initiatives that can support teaching and learning.

NCEC acting executive director Danielle Cronin said while NAPLAN is only a snapshot of school education in some subject areas and some year levels, there are educational benefits to be gained at the individual and school level.

“Literacy and numeracy are foundational skills in children’s education and in their lives, so assessing progress is important in trying to set students up for the challenges that lie ahead,” Ms Cronin said.

“One of the great strengths of NAPLAN is its ability to highlight areas in which a student or a group of students can be supported in their learning. When parents, teachers and students are able to work together and focus on specific areas of learning, great progress can be made.

“But that focus must not be confined to the sitting of NAPLAN and the analysis of NAPLAN results. Parents, teachers and students work in partnership week in and week out to ensure that the learning journey continues as effectively as possible.”

Ms Cronin said the 2016 NAPLAN test will be the last year in which all students sit the test using pencil and paper. The benefits of a move to online testing will start to be realised next year as part of a planned three-year transition to all students taking the test online.  READ MORE

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