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Module 2: Home/School Partnership

Module 2:  Home/School Partnership – Are we there yet?

                        Standards: 3 and 7                                                                             Session: 2 hours, ½ or full day
                        Focus Area: 3.7 and 7.3
                        Career Stage: Proficient    

Research shows that schools which effectively engage their families and communities, work better.  Schools are positively impacted by having positive relationships with families and communities (Weiss, Lopez & Rosenberg 2010).

This module familiarises participants with the evidence base that shows the benefits and flow-on effects of effectively engaging parents and community.

The module takes participants through a process of exploring the current state of parent engagement at their school to determine the level of authentic parent engagement in policy and practice.  Participants are then assisted to craft the appropriate level of strategies to effectively engage families and community at their school.

This is achieved by exploring the variety of tools available for this purpose such as surveys and other matrices that are already available for schools to employ in their own setting. 

It takes participants through the various levels of ‘real’ engagement explaining the rationale and offering concrete strategies for advancing along the continuum from involvement to engagement.  Interaction with other participants adds to the overall experience and capacity of the group. 

All modules follow the format of:

  • Surveying participants’ beliefs and attitudes
  • Delivery of theory and content
  • Interaction with participants
  • Participants’ interaction with each other
  • Co-creation of concrete examples and strategies for implementation