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Module 3: Relationships – The Ups and Downs

Module 3:  Relationships  – The Ups and Downs 

                        Standards: 3 and 7                                                                             Session: 2 hours, ½ or full day
                        Focus Area: 3.7 and 7.3
                        Career Stage: Proficient  

Research shows that over the years the expectations and demands of parents have substantially changed from passive recipient to ‘consumer’ (Crew, 2008). Alongside of this shift is the subtle but important aspect of generational differences between school staff and successive waves of parents which can also impact on relationships and understanding.

This module explores the changing face of parents and teachers in our schools and by doing so attempts to shed some light on the various stages of relationship building and sustaining at the personal level and school level.

The module looks at personal beliefs and approach, generational characteristics, school protocols and policy, complaints handling and conflict resolution practices in the school community. 

Participants are given strategies to build their confidence to establish positive relationships with parents and community while maintaining professionalism.   Specific instruction in dispute resolution enables participants to handle difficult parents and situations while continuing to strive for strong relationship building. 

All modules follow the format of:

  • Surveying participants’ beliefs and attitudes
  • Delivery of theory and content
  • Interaction with participants
  • Participants’ interaction with each other
  • Co-creation of concrete examples and strategies for implementation