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Module 4: Two-Way Communication – All the Difference

Module 4:  Two-Way Communication –  All the Difference

                        Standards: 3 and 7                                                                             Session: 2 hours, ½ or full day
                        Focus Area: 3.7 and 7.3
                        Career Stage: Proficient        

Community feedback and consultation is a recognised element of school assessment and improvement and is enshrined in state and federal education legislation. The challenge for many schools is how to solicit feedback that is meaningful and results in a positive exchange between educators and the community.

This module provides examples of how to gather data, gain feedback and provide processes for consultation, as well as building positive relationships with school communities. The processes are suitable for Annual School Report, school review, school improvement and strategic planning processes.

The session looks at

        how to facilitate consultation professionally

        who to engage

        when to gather data

        what to do to keep the process in control

A variety of different scenarios are practised to equip staff with the skills required to deal with emotionally charged or complex situations with parents (e.g. formal parent/teacher meetings and informal and potentially inappropriate times for engaging with parents about their child’s learning).

The importance of good data collection and communication to parents is the focus of this session with practical strategies for designing appropriate tools and understanding the data that emerges in order to build stronger school communities.

All modules follow the format of:

  • Surveying participants’ beliefs and attitudes
  • Delivery of theory and content
  • Interaction with participants
  • Participants’ interaction with each other
  • Co-creation of concrete examples and strategies for implementation