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Students with Disabilities

CCSP recognises that families of children with differing abilities require targeted advocacy and support. Late in 2010, the decision was taken to formalise this action in a sub-committee of the CCSP. The Special Needs Working Group was formed comprising members from various dioceses and had as its aims to:

  • Assess the landscape of special needs education, through consideration and understanding of current legislation, policy and other relevant documentation, and current and past Reviews and Inquiries at a state and federal level. 
  • Provide timely and informed advice to the CCSP so that it can undertake its role in communicating, advocating and representing the interests of Catholic schools and their families.
  • Develop broad strategies to respond to the diverse needs of families of children with special needs and suggest measures to assist them, school communities and diocesan offices to work together to support children with special needs.
  • Make available information and resources to assist families of children with special needs to access a Catholic school education on an equitable basis and to assist them in supporting their children and the schools their children attend in meaningful and informed ways.

The working group has continued to meet and provide support for families of children with disabilities by disseminating relevant information and maintaining a dedicated web page. The group continues to engage at critical junctures with government policy and developments.


National Data Collection on School Students with Disability
All Australian governments have agreed to work together to implement a new annual national data collection on school students with disability. This data collection process is being phased in over a three-year period in 2013-2015. The first two years will be a transition period. This means that all schools will begin preparing for participating in the collection from 2013. In 2015, the first full national collection of data on school students with disability will take place in all Australian schools. From then on, this data collection will occur in every school every year, along with other school data collections. To find out more click here.