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About the Parent Committee

About the Aboriginal Parent Committee

The Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Parent Committee, formed in 2006, is a state level committee that meets to discuss issues of importance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and carers with children in Catholic schools and seeks to give a voice to their interests in state and national level decision-making affecting Catholic schools.

The Committee supports the development of strong partnerships ...

The Committee provides support to schools, diocesan parent associations and diocesan Catholic education offices through the provision of information, professional learning opportunities, advice and resources to build and sustain effective home, school and community partnerships. The Committee also supports the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parent and carer leaders.

The Committee develops resources for families and schools to support Aboriginal children and promote Reconciliation ...

Some of the resources include:

BOOKLET - Choosing a Catholic School for your Child

This booklet provides families with information on Catholic schools such as fees, uniforms and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and is made available to all Catholic schools and can be used to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families:
  • in enrolment packages; 
  • at Transition to School programs:
  • displayed in front offices;  
  • provided to prior to school services and
  • other community organisations.  
POSTER - Celebrating Aboriginal Education

Each year the Committee produces a poster celebrating Aboriginal education in Catholic Schools. These are
sent to all Catholic schools in NSW. 
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