Our Catholic Faith Handbook



As a parent or carer of a student at a Catholic school, you will hear your child talk about things like ‘Pancake Tuesday’ and ‘the sign of the Cross’ and ‘Mass’ and ‘Lent’ and ‘Advent’, and you may be invited to attend liturgies such as Mass and other events at the school. If you’re not Catholic (because many of our families whose students attend Catholic schools are not) or you’re Catholic but are not practising or don’t really know much about it, you may be nervous about attending events at the school because you’re not sure about what to do during Mass or how to pray.

This booklet is an easy-to-read guide that explains some Catholic beliefs and traditions parents and families might hear their child talk about when they’re discussing their religious education and Catholic events parents and carers may be invited to attend during the school year, so that they can be a part of their child’s faith formation.

The traditions of a Catholic school are like traditions in your family. They are sacred and special and are usually celebrated annually. Our schools celebrate tradition through the sacraments, prayer, music, art and with special days like a school’s saint day. This guide explains some of the ‘Catholic’ part of Catholic schools so that parents and families know about these traditions and are comfortable to get involved.

Catholic schools recognise and support parents in their primary role as educators of their children particularly with regards to the religious development and pastoral care of their children, which is why all parents and families are always welcome and are encouraged to enjoy belonging to their school’s faith community.

This handbook includes a foreword by His Grace, Archbishop Anthony Fisher, and contains easy-to-read information about:

  • Catholicism and Catholic Schools: What Catholics Believe, What Catholics Do, Faith Formation in Schools for Students and Families
  • Liturgy including the Mass: Entering and Leaving the Church, The Word of God: The Holy Bible, What Happens at Mass, Who’s Who at Mass, The Key Moments of Mass, The Seven Sacraments of the Church
  • The Catholic Calendar: Liturgical Seasons, Timeline of Key Dates for 2024, Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas
  • Praying and Prayers: Prayers Said at Mass, Traditional Prayers, Prayers for Meetings, Prayers for Families to Say at Home, Aboriginal Prayers
  • Catholic A–Z: A quick and easy reference to lots of Catholic words and phrases

We know you'll love having this informative guide on hand.