Parent Teacher Interviews

parent and student

Helpful Hints for Parent-Teacher Interviews

The interview, whether face-to face, zoom or telephone, is an opportunity for parent/carer and teacher to discuss challenges and to identify opportunities to assist the student reach their potential.   

Did you know?

  • Some teachers experience more anxiety about their relationships and interactions with parents than any other aspect of their job.
  • Some parents can feel negative feedback about their child is a criticism of their parenting.
  • Sometimes to minimise potential conflict parents or teachers may minimise or withhold information about the child.

How to make the most of the time allocated for the interview.

  • Before the interview review the most recent school report and speak with your child to help you identify any challenges they may be facing.
  • Ask your child about how they feel they are performing in that class.
  • What is your favourite thing about this class?
  • What is your least favourite thing?
  • What do you think the teacher will say about you?
  • Reflect on your child’s answers and compare them with the school report.
  • Make a list of areas to discuss with the teacher.
  • During the interview refer to your list, take notes and ask for suggestions from the teacher.
  • Raise issues that are concerning you or your child.
  • Be open about discussing challenges that your child or family are facing.
  • Ask if there are opportunities to assist your child.
  • Agree on a plan and timeframe for action.  
  • If you feel there is not enough time to complete the discussion arrange for another meeting.