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The CCSP is the body officially recognised by the Bishops of NSW and Catholic Schools NSW to represent the interests of families of children in all NSW Catholic schools. 

The Council of Catholic Schools Parents is incorporated under the Roman Catholic Church Communities’ Lands Act 1942 No 23. 

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The CCSP is led and supported by a Chairperson elected from its membership, a Committee of the Council and its Executive Director and Secretariat.  Contact the CCSP


When the Council of Catholic School Parents received recognition from the NSW Bishops in 1995 that they were the official voice of Catholic school parents in NSW/ACT, it marked the beginning of a new era of Church, family and school partnership. In so doing, it breathed life into the fundamental beliefs of: parents as the primary and principal educators of their children (Gravissimum Educationis); the collaborative relationship between parents and the school in educating children (Canon 796) along with the mutual role of school and parents in the Christian formation of children. (Pope Paul II, 2003).

Since that time there is a growing body of evidence that substantiates the importance of the role of the parent in school improvement, student achievement and wellbeing (Bryk, 2010, Aracy 2012). It is well-known that parental expectations; interest in schooling and attitude to schooling are key factors in a child’s enjoyment and success at school. Emblematic of this, is the change in language from parent involvement to parent engagement.

The Council of Catholic School Parents has in its constitution and structure, a mechanism for responding and contributing to the continually evolving landscape of parent engagement, education policy and social cohesion.
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As the Council of Catholic Schools Parents is incorporated under the Roman Catholic Church Communities’ Lands Act 1942 No 23, and as a not-for-profit is a registered charity, it fulfils the criteria for charity status which includes:

  • must be a not-for-profit,
  • have a charitable purpose
  • and, be for the public benefit.

The CCSP has submitted its Constitution to the ACNC
accordance with Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit