CCSP and Jane de Graaff Present Recipes and Top Tips for Busy Families

Videos with delicious recipes and top tips for busy families from food writer and TV cooking presenter Jane de Graaff

The Council of Catholic Schools Parents NSW/ACT’s Executive Director, Cath Garrett-Jones, got together with Jane de Graaff to make some great shopping and cooking videos for parents and families that are loaded with tips on making fun, tasty family-friendly meals on a budget.

Click to watch the videos and download the recipes and top tips sheets as PDFs:

Lunchbox Bacon and Egg Slice Recipe and Tips

Smashed Dumplings Recipe and Tips

Sticky Tofu Bites Recipe and Tips

Simple School Lunchbox Ideas

How to conquer the lunchbox battle! Food writer and Channel 9 presenter Jane de Graaff and CCSP Executive Director Cath Garrett-Jones show parents and carers how to create delicious lunchbox treats that are budget-friendly alternatives to sandwiches which you can pre-prepare and freeze and that travel well. Find out how to bake a beautiful Bacon and Egg Slice with sneaky added vegies, and enjoy Jane's tips on using less packaging with the right lunchbox, keeping food cold and making your muffin tin your best friend. School lunches sorted!

Delicious Discount Dinners

Recipe tricks for bulk-buying sausages and other meats!

Buying bulk packs of meat can help you plan and cook nutritious meals for the family at a cheaper price. Changing the shape and look of the main meat can make dinner feel like a whole new meal. Find out how to make Jane’s easy and scrumptious Smashed Dumplings: These are a great way to make dinner into a fun, family interactive meal.

Meat-Free Meal Magic

Meat-free meals aren’t ‘just for vegetarians’ – they’re a great way to balance health, flavour and budget, and knowing how to cook using pantry staples is great for when you can’t get to the shops. Plant and vegetable-based meals are good for you, plus they’re a lot cheaper to prepare than meat-heavy meals! Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to really get the most out of your meat-free meals. Jane and Cath cook up a delicious meat-free meal of Sticky Tofu Bites that will change how you feel about tofu!