Resources for Schools

CCSP: Do You Know What We Do Flyer


This flyer promotes CCSP, stating our mission and what we do. Use this flyer as a tool to inform parents and carers and school staff about CCSP.

Download the flyer here.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee Flyer


This 2-page flyer promotes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee, including information about our 2024 representatives and what the committee does.

Download the flyer here.

Parent Bodies and Section 83 Brochure


This A3 brochure folds to A4 and is all about what parent bodies in schools need to know about fundraising and donations. Directors and principals can give this flyer to their parent groups to inform them of their compliance requirements in regards to section 83 of the Education Act.

Kids + School Attendance Tips for Schools


This A3 brochure folds to A4 and contains tips for school staff on engaging families and developing a positive school culture and climate that is safe and inclusive for all students. 

Download the brochure here.

Term Planner


This planner can be emailed to all schools or students as a PDF for them to print as A4 or A3 or even A2. A 1-page poster that students can use to write their exams, assignments and study periods on.

Download the planner here.